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    SU Walk for Google SketchUp provides photo-realistic animations in real time

    October 17, 2011
    Bellingham, WA, U.S.A.

    SU Walk from Cadalog, Inc. is a new, photo-realistic animation application for Google SketchUp models.  Newly updated, SU Walk 1.0.11 was released today.  SU Walk’s specialty is to turn SketchUp models into photo-realistic walk through/ fly through animations.  Users can apply reflections and lights directly inside SketchUp and then open the .skp file in SU Walk to build photo-realistic key frame animations in real time.  SU Walk will export key frame animations to a variety of video formats including .mp4 and .avi.    Shadow movement or time line animations can also be created.  SU Walk also provides clear sky, moving clouds, rain, fog, sun light and moon light environments. A variety of other features such as polygon reduction to make camera movement in the scene very fast is also available.

    One example of SU Walk in action is shown in this video created by Derek Weigall of Facet Design (Anglesea, Australia).  The model was designed by Paul Schram of PK Studio in Google SketchUp.  Derek added the landscape design, 3D plants and materials in SketchUp.  Then he applied flat mirror reflections to various faces in SketchUp.  Once that was done, he used SU Walk to create the sky and clouds and the key frame based animation.

    "Although I am new to SU Walk, it only took me a few hours to create this animation. The learning curve is relatively short and results have a strong, visual impact." says Derek. To view this presentation, click on the image below.

    Click on the above image to see the video directly in YouTube HD.
    Windows Media Option. Click here to download the higher resolution WMV version of the SU Walk video. This may take a few minutes depending on your connection.

    SU Walk 1.0.11 is a Windows XP, Vista, 7 application. A Mac OS X version is planned for release in the near future. SU Walk will work with Google SketchUp 7 or 8. To learn more about SU Walk go to Visit the Gallery section to see more animation samples.

    SU Walk is developed by Cadalog, Inc., developers of the popular SU Podium, photo-realistic plug-in to Google SketchUp.

    For more information about Facet Design go to Facet Design