Download SU Walk Free Trial here.

Test 1: Import a sample SketchUp model

    Import the Barcelona-test.skp file
  • Download Barcelona-test.skp here
  • Open SU Walk
  • Import Barecelona-test.skp. This model was created in Google SketchUp 7.
  • In this Barcelona example, Flat Mirror was used on the water. Reflection values were assigned by SU Podium V2. Also, there is a spot light which was created original by SU Podium V2. No animation paths have been created.
  • Move the camera around the model. If you are able to navigate and your computer displays reflections and lights, your computer is compatible with SU Walk.

Test 2: Open a sample .bwa file that has an animation path

  • Download Barcelona-test.bwa here
  • Open SU Walk
  • Open Barecelona-test.bwa. This a file format specific to SU Walk.
  • Open the Preset panel from the tool bar menu.
  • Double click on Path 1. This will run a keyframe animation. Look OK? You are good to go.

Some other examples

Two other examples of SketchUp models that have been setup for SU Walk photo-realistic mode are located here. Download these and import them to SU Walk as a test.

Download the Pool-After .skp file

This model is used in all the video tutorials.

Download OlleBergman_test.skp

This well used model by Olle Bergman uses Flat Mirror on the floor, Environment Mirrors were assigned to the pots and pans components and to the light fixture components.